The Studio.

At the time of its launch in Q1 2023, AgrilLife Studio will be the 1st “Mission-led Company” startup studio dedicated to AgriTech.

Our 4 major beliefs

agriculture innovation

Agriculture is at the heart of future innovations for sustainable food and industry.

We must respond to the urgency of climate, demographic and biodiversity issues, but also to the desire shared by consumers, businesses, industrialists and regions to consume and produce clean, sustainable and local products.

laboratoires recherche

Our AgriTech and FoodTech research labs are full of innovations.

Today, we need to create a high-performance ecosystem, to accelerate the identification of innovations that meet the needs of the markets and to create French startups with an international dimension.

More and more of us are looking for meaning in our professional activity, regardless of our background.

What we need now is the winning ecosystem to be able to give ourselves the means to create the sustainable solutions of tomorrow.


Making an impact is strongly compatible with creating a profitable and industrializable business model; it creates much more sustainable value.

startup studio

AgriLife Studio was structured to meet these 4 major beliefs; include in one fully dedicated startup studio all the competencies and expertises that are essential to co-create future’s impact AgriTech companies.”

Our targeted markets

AgriLife Studio wants to be a player in the agro-ecological transition, the food of tomorrow, bio-based ingredients for a cleaner and more sustainable building and luxury industry.

To do this, we will work alongside laboratories, cooperatives, farmers, and industrialists to identify the needs for the creation of startups in the following markets:

Sustainable, efficient and profitable Agriculture

Healthy and tasty Food for as many people as possible

Biosourced ingredients for sustainable industries

Carbone storage
Carbone credit
Plant-based protein
Alternative protein
Safety food
Artifical Intelligence
Precision farming
Services for farmers

Impact at the core of our DNA

From the beginning, AgriLife Studio positions itself as an positive impact startup studio.

We apply this requirement to ourselves, but also to all the companies that will be created by integrating the impact throughout their journey. Thus, the impact will be :

  • integrated in the selection criteria of projects and entrepreneurs
  • worked into a dedicated roadmap
  • monitored every year
    integrated into the performance KPIs

The Impact steering committee’s role is to support entrepreneurs in their Impact roadmap: identification of the 2 specific criteria, implementation of monitoring tools, creation of a dedicated business plan.

Why a Mission-led company:

AgriLife Studio’s objective is to be a mission-led Enterprise from the very beginning. 

We build into our governance and our ambition this double(triple) objective of economic performance together with societal and environmental impact