Let's succeed together!

We are constantly looking for talents, men and women with a passion for entrepreneurship and impact. Join us to create the AgriTech startups.


Our goal: create Agritech startups with a positive impact and a global, international dimension”

With whom?

with you, passionate, enduring, with a true entrepreneurial spirit, whatever your experience or academic background,  and willing to create the futur Agritech solutions with impact that will answer the unmet needs of our makets targets such as the agriculture of tomorrow, the healthy and sustainable food and the biosourced ingredients.

On which theme:

Together with our partner laboratories, cooperatives and industrial players, we identify pertinent market opportunities with an international dimension. These opportunities may come from our market analysis, an unmet need discovered in our regular field trips, or from an innovation coming from a technology institutes such as INRAE or Agro ParisTech, but also, sometimes, from a strong intuition.

With the best talents, we then identify and build the value propositions adapted to the targetted Agritech market.

As entrepreneurs, we also watch for existing early stage projects which may address our targetted markets. 

What we put in place

We co-create, together with you.

Daily, a dedicated AgriLife Studio Partner is allocated to the startup project, during all the milestones, from the idea validation to the fundraising.

Expert partners in  AgriTech and FoodTech markets

which allow to have a privileged access to

  • technical platforms
  • test areas
  • “bêta testers” farmers”
  • corporates and industrials to validate the market fit
  • specialised experts researchers

More than 18 mentors, each one being an expert in a specific domaine and market, covering the different steps, from the creation,  technical developments, business model validation ands impact criterias, to the fund raising for the scale up. 

Communication toolkit for startups to have a qualitative visibility: logo, slide deck, website

Shared skills into AgriLife Studio : technical and regulatory validation, how to create a startup, impact definition and roadmap, recruitment, market strategy and analysis,  financial valorisation….

Thematic workshops to support the different steps : design thinking, business plan, impact analysis and follow up, pitch deck, term sheet and shared holder agreement

Regular presentations in front of our panels of mentors and partners

A pre-negociated communication agreement to have an efficient first external communication toolkit: logo, pitch deck, website

A funding all along the first creation steps until possible following  refinancings during the next rounds (potential investment envelop up to +2.5M).

Co working spaces into the Innovative and Scientific cluster of Paris Saclay: The Stop&Work Playground, at the doorstep of AgroParisTech, the FrenchTech, the famous universities such as HEC, Central Supelec, Université Paris Saclay… and the sustainable research laboratories of Danone, LVMH, ..

In practical terms, how are we going to work together?

Here are the different steps, even if we are agile and work on a tailor made basis on each project:

At launch


…From the idea to the opportunity potential

- Market potential analysis and first economic evaluation
- First solution validation, within the regulatory constraints
- Exchange with our Mentors and Partners
- First roadmap for the product or solution development and business model

3 to 6 months


…From market, technology and regulatory validation to pre-creation

- Development of the solution / equipment / product and scalable model
- Finalization of the economic and revenue model
- Identification and recruitment of the Team
- Materialization of first sales

12 to 24 months


…From startup creation to refinancing

- Spinoff: creation of the startup (statutes, shareholder agreement, valuation)
- Support for the data room setup and investor pitch
- Networking, meetings with selected investors
- AgriLife Studio Board validation of the Seed / A series refinancing amount

You have a project and/or you are an entrepreneur….

You have an idea, an emerging project, a strong willingness to create a positive impactful Agritech startup, let’s talk about together. Contact us.