We’re in the midst of a recruitment campaign to structure our team, which will enable us to create around 10 high-impact startups.

If you’d like to join us in launching the 1st impact startup studio dedicated to AgriTech, and work on identifying exciting projects and creating meaningful businesses, come and talk to us about it, send us your application, apply for one of the positions listed on our “Jobs” page, in short… contact us!

The mission of SATT, “Société d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies”, is to facilitate and develop the transfer of innovations from public academic research to the socio-economic markets.

SATT Paris-Saclay is part of the network of 13 French SATTs created under the “Investissements d’Avenir” program and now an integral part of France2030. With an investment capacity of 79 million euros over 10 years, it represents a unique maturation fund in France. It supports five scientific fields and targets five growth markets.

For innovations addressing the agricultural market, SATT Paris Saclay, chaired by Xavier Apolinarski, has signed a partnership with Agrilife Studio to study the possibility of creating startups for projects at the end of the pre-maturation program. 3 maturation projects are currently being analyzed by the Agrilife Studio teams.


AgriLife Studio has taken up residence at the “PlayGround Stop and Go” on the Paris Saclay plateau, alongside French Tech, SATT Paris Saclay and IncubAlliance.

This location is strategic because it allows us to be at the heart of the innovation ecosystem and next to AgroParisTech Innovation with which AgriLife Studio teams work in close collaboration. It is also an opportunity for our entrepreneurs in residence to have easy access to equipment and technological platforms.

But our ambition is also to be present in the regions. We are already working with cooperatives, technical centers, and competitiveness clusters throughout France.

AgroParisTech is both a grande école of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, a component of the Université Paris-Saclay, and a national institute of life sciences and industries and the environment.

A common objective to drive and boost innovation

Research is one of AgroParisTech’s main missions. As a source of innovation, it produces scientific and technical knowledge, feeds the institution’s training programs, and nourishes the science-society dialogue.

AgriLife Studio has partnered with AgroParisTech to identify the best innovations and talents that will be the successful impact companies of tomorrow, whether in the field of agroecology, biotech, healthy and sustainable food or biosourced ingredients.


INRAE AgriLife Studio partenariat

INRAe, the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, brings together 18 research centers and 14 scientific departments around multidisciplinary research communities in France.
AgriLife Studio has partnered with INRAE to contribute to their calls for projects: Start & Grow, launched in September 2022 and InnoTech, launched in February 2023.

The Start & Grow program
The Start & Grow program aims to identify researchers who have an innovation that could be the subject of the creation of a startup. AgriLife Studio, along with INRAe, will accompany them in their reflection stages to identify the existence of a market and a viable economic model. A second session took place in march 2023, several sessions per year being forecasted.

As part of the InnoTech program, our entrepreneurs will be able to bring needs to the attention of INRAe research laboratories so that researchers can propose innovations under development. This is a real winning partnership that allows us to promote French research by creating startups with an international vocation, which meet a real market need identified by the AgriLife Studio teams.